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New Jersey governor signs law decriminalizing marijuana use for those 21 years and older

(CNN)New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday marked bills to sanction and direct pot use for those 21 and more seasoned, decriminalize ownership of restricted measures of maryjane and explain pot and cannabis use and ownership punishments for those more youthful than 21. “This enactment will build up an industry that carries value and financial…
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2 months after the legalization marijuana ended in Canada

Two months after recreational cannabis was legalized, Canada’s new pot regime is still working out kinks in the supply chain and the enforcement of new rules. Before the cannabis legislation came into force, the federal government listed its key objectives for the historic shift. Those goals include keeping cannabis “out of the hands of children…
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In Britain, allowed to sell medical marijuana

MEDICAL marijuana is used in several countries to treat a number of complaints – but its use has been mired in controversy for decades. It remains largely illegal in the UK, although some forms do exist and can be prescribed by doctors or bought over the counter. Here’s what you need to know.Cannabis oil is…
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