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cbd dab wax A long-time favorite of cannabis lovers, the hash is a cannabis concentrate that is made by rubbing dried marijuana plants over a very fine mesh. The trichomes of the cannabis plants, containing THC, then fall through the mesh. They are collected, heated, and pressurized to produce a solid, resinous brick of hash.


Widely popular in Europe, the hash is used in multiple ways, from smoking it in a pipe, mixing it with cannabis flowers in a joint or bong, or even using it in a hot beverage. Find a fine selection of hash products in our Cali-gashouse shop, under “Concentrates”.BUY CONCENTRATE
Cannabis shatter is a specialized marijuana concentrate that comes in a very aesthetically pleasing form; an amber-colored, glass-like substance. Beauty aside, cannabis lovers choose smoking shatter when seeking one of the purest extracts available, between 60-80% THC. CBD dab wax

To make shatter, the THC-loaded trichomes are extracted from the cannabis flowers using butane or CO2. Sometimes known as BHO, or butane hash oil, shatter can be vaped by using a dab rig. Check out the best selection of shatter in the Cali-gashouse shop, under “Concentrates”.
Budder is a kind of cannabis wax product that can be used in a multitude of ways. From vaping and smoking, to making edibles, budder gives those that partake a very smooth, tasty cannabis experience. What makes budder so great is that when it comes to consistency, it’s the easiest to work with. Just scoop and serve, dab or vape. CBD dab wax

What is Shatter?

Budder, after going through a special curing process, will give off a nice strong scent when used. For example, people love our Cannacure Budder with its Grade AAA consistency and smooth taste. Check out all our budder products in our shop under Concentrates. CBD dab wax

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