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afghan kush strain


afghan kush strain


Afghan kush looks very nice to the eye, Pale green with a hue of yellow, Orange hairs both light and dark are present, looks like an orange and gold nugget, with patchy crystals. Buy Afghan Kush Online – Afghan Kush for Sale. Afghan Kush is a popular marijuana strain with a THC level of up to 15%. Afghan Kush tastes very medicinal and has dramatic effects on pain relief. Narcotic feeling in nature Afghan Kush is popular for patients looking to relieve pain, stress, insomnia, and nausea.

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Afghan Kush Strain

Afghan kush strain looks exceptionally pleasant to the eye, Pale green with a tone of yellow, Orange hairs both light and dull are available, resembles an orange and gold chunk, with inconsistent precious stones.

Smell afghan kush strain

Afghan kush likewise smells gentle overall chunk with traces of saffron and spread scotch. When you split the bud up however the smell of consumed toffee gets prevailing. Afghan kush strain


Similarly tastes fiery, this bud has a tone of flavor to it with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger being the most grounded. Extremely smooth the flavor of nutmeg stays with you for a couple of seconds.


The impact of Afghan Kush is a moment. You get very unwind, and a little weighty eye, (not for the rooks).

I found that I didn’t feel a ton of torment. I likewise feel this is an extraordinary fit. plushberry strain

What’s more, on the off chance that you experience issues dozing and think you need some rest promptly, Afghan kush is your weed.

Afghan Kush is by a wide margin my number one strain of the year. Afghan kush strain

 Expressly knowing somebody that developed it and watching the excellence has given me energy about a particularly stunning strain.

The scents falling off this young lady were hot as damnation during blossoming and afterward, it restrained while drying.

During restoring is the point at which she showed her genuine nature.

She went from fiery to a smooth sweet smell with traces of lime green and dazzling orange hairs.

An exceptionally smooth smoke contrasted with most. Nectar oil made with this stain is marvelous.

Most elevated hitting strain in a while about Afghan Kush

Afghan kush strain info

Afghan Kush, a practically 100% Indica strain is normally filled in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

 The strain has an extremely natural, nearly “hash-like” fragrance with a trace of Pinesol-like smell.

At the point when smoked, it has a sweet hash taste like its smell.

Buds of this strain are extremely consolidated and canvassed in a considerable measure of trichomes

(the THC making organs or precious stones). Afghan kush strain

The plant has the recognizable expansive leaves of other Indicas.STRAIN DETAILS

Afghan Kush’s foundations follow back to the Hindu Kush mountain range close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan line.

It has been culminated over hundreds of years, making it a definitive hotspot for hash like charas and the tacky dark Afghani hash.

 White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seeds accomplice from the Netherlands, made its seeds accessible for everybody to develop.

The buds of Afghan Kush form into monstrous, gruff beat pieces loaded with sap and coming in enormous yields.

Adored for its weighty tar content and effectively steadying impacts,

Afghan Kush is a top decision for anybody hoping to unwind after a long day.

About this Indica Strain

Afghan kush strain review

The cannabis strain Afghan Kush is an incredible indica, radiating a hearty, pine aroma with a comparable taste.

A few commentators have said it oozes a pine-sol-like smell, citrusy and homegrown. Afghan kush strain

Afghan Kush has a normal THC substance of 13%-14% with a high of 17%.

 Its high makes amazingly incredible consequences for the body, making the shopper feel apathetic or potentially drowsy.

It’s suggested for evening time use, being powerful in soothing a throbbing painfulness while instigating a euphoric sensation.

Numerous analysts say it’s difficult to move after ingestion, just as giving them the munchies.

Those encountering a sleeping disorder give this strain a high evaluation for its calming impacts. Afghan kush strain

afghan Hindu kush strain

Gentle instances of discombobulation and distrustfulness have been referred to go with this strain as negative results,

yet just whenever burned-through inappropriately.

 On the off chance that an excess of is devoured without a moment’s delay,

 migraines may happen a couple of hours after the high wears off.

Beginner producers can undoubtedly develop Afghan Kush.

 Regardless of whether an unpracticed producer creates low yields, the strength of the buds will compensate for lost gathering.


From the place where there are hash-production assortments of cannabis,

this Afghan Kush is perhaps the most resinous assortments on Earth, known for delivering mind-blowing “charas” and Afghani dark hashish.

The plant shows an exceptionally solid customary indica structure with enormous,

 wide, dull green leaves and thick, obtuse beat nugs. Afghan kush strain

Afghan Kush

Filled in the Hindu-Kush piles of Afghanistan for quite a long time,

 this Afghani Kush subset of the indica genealogy notices back to the most flawless of indicas.

Gathered and made accessible in seed structure essentially by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam.

This assortment was customarily utilized in hashish creation,

but on the other hand is truly significant as blossoms, with their huge, resinous, and gooey buds. Aroma

Hearty, hashy, and marginally sweet, in some cases with notes of Pinesol. Afghan kush strain


Similar to the smell, it here and there have sweet hash notes, like the fragrant charas that are delivered from this strain.


Moderate intensity indica impacts bundle that is hefty on the body unwinding and relief from discomfort because of its pitch content.Grow Medium

Develops with unique life when begun from the clone as opposed to seed —

producers who start from seed will see a huge development spray as the plant goes into bloom, because of the generous Afghan energy present.

Fills well on the whole medium and surprisingly in unforgiving outside conditions because of its rough genealogy. Afghan kush strain


Afghan Kush is a landrace strain that began in the Amu Darya River Valley, settled on the line of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The cultivar filled in the wild for quite a long time and balanced out its hereditary profile through consistent normal choice. Afghan kush strain

Considered by numerous raisers to be the foundation of the present

current Indica strains, Afghan Kush is known for its harsh smell and detailed unwinding, euphoric effects


Maybe the most notable, simply indica landrace strain accessible,

Afghan Kush is well great. Ideal for causing you to nod off, or simply relaxing to some music,

everybody needs to attempt this endure at least once in their lives. Afghan kush strain

This indica blooms into huge, fragrant chunks that brags of a definitive loosening up segments all indica sweethearts look for.

Also, this unadulterated indica is truly outstanding

and most perfect decisions you can make when appearing to be the most loosened up you can be.

This bud starts in the Hindu Kush mountain range and is consummated throughout the long term, making the ideal Afghan indica experience.

Afghan Kush seeds were by a Sensi Seeds accomplice from the Netherlands,

 the ideal strain and make it simple for everybody to develop. Afghan kush strain

This 100% indica adore for its simple solid body-high that can unwind even the most person out there.


This strain is powerful,

 and ought to burn-through sparingly by the individuals who are not to this 100% indica. Afghan kush strain

Also, Afghan Kush gives you the munchies and will make them alternate between sinking into the lounge chair and going after some food this Kush is acceptable to clean fun.

A specific euphoric state can be delighted in when smoking Afghan Kush, which is sure to keep going for some time,

total with the snickers, which makes the entire experience significantly more joyous. Afghan kush strain

also, Afghan Kush has a specific perfection about it, and it’s loosening up impacts will gradually sneak in on you.

 It will leave you feeling shivery with inspiration, and afterward gradually sinking into a condition of total harmony and satisfaction.

At last, this strain will put you directly into a happy sleep that will make them fail to remember everything without exception that might be pestering you or worrying you. Afghan kush strain


Firstly, This strain has an extremely rich and fragrant heartiness to it, that makes it in a flash engaging when it goes into the room.

Afghan Kush is impactful and brags of an extraordinarily sweet and botanical note that will linger palpably and emphasize your high. Frequently. Afghan kush strain


Afghan Kush is simple on the lungs and goes down smooth, with a sorry possibility at a hack.

Its woody-pine taste is by somewhat of a smooth breathe-in,

and you can immediately taste the


grow notes it is with. Afghan kush strain

 On the breath out it will leave somewhat of hotness, making its natural and impactful flavor much more noticeable.

Adverse responses

This extraordinary indica can be excessively much for the unpracticed smokers

also– this bud is all-out intense, and ought to be taken care of cautiously, particularly on the first run-through.

In some cases, you may encounter a slight cerebral pain, yet this is quite often when you have devoured beyond what you can handle.

Afghan Kush will leave you feeling dried, with an extreme cottonmouth that can go with dry eyes. Afghan kush strain

Once in a while, you may feel a slight episode of distrustfulness,


This Kush is a famous decision among specialists. Its intensity assumes a major part in its effectivity

also– Afghan Kush has an outstandingly high CBD level, at times arriving at an astounding 6%.

 Cerebral pains

This implies that it is extremely powerful as solid painkillers, and is thusly one of the top decisions for this sickness.

Long-term victims of extreme and constant persistent agony, similar to joint torment and muscle fits,

back torments and period cramps, have profited by the utilization of this strain.

Patients, who are adapting to the state of mind problems, adore this strain. Afghan kush strain

Afghan Kush is exceptionally compelling in decreasing indications of misery, stress, and a sleeping disorder,

 permitting you to loosen up your psyche significantly more successfully, and afterward placing you into a relaxing and rejuvenating rest.


Also, Afghan Kush likes a soothing Mediterranean environment, on the off chance that you are to develop it outside. Afghan kush strain

Be that as it may, it is generally straightforward to develop and can adjust to practically any grow


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