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Apple Fritter


Apple Fritter

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Apple Fritter


apple fritter strain sativa

A new Green Door exclusive strain! Apple Fritter received some of the highest scores from judges at the 2016 NorCal Cup in the categories of taste and aroma. apple fritter strain sativa

A hybrid of Sour Apple (Sour Diesel x Cinderella 99) plushberry strain

and Animal Cookies (GSC x Fire OG), she has the flavor to go with her 24%+ THC level.

The easiest way to describe this “magical” strain is that it speeds up your head and slows down your body.

The perfect recipe for getting a lot of work done in one spot, while maintaining complete focus.

After all, we designed the clean and minimalistic product page you are reading now while self-medicating with the apple fritter strain.

Also available in prerolls for your convenience 

The GDW Apple Fritter comes highly recommended to patients looking for a great afternoon strain that provides significant medication all over the body without any heavy mental crash.

Apple Fritter has a distinct pungent sour apple taste that sweetens nicely on the exhale.

 After the first or second hit of this strain and you will be in a perfect social (talkative) mood.

Caution is recommended as only a few minutes later, on toke number 3,

 we found ourselves planted and completely smashed on the couch. apple fritter strain sativa

apple fritter cookies strain

Apple Fritter is a visually pleasing flower, with strong bits of purple mixed throughout.

With a scent that rivals its visual, expect to fill a room with the strong smell within seconds of opening your GDW Apple Fritter jar. 

The high is strong but active, and for those with stronger tolerance, this is a GREAT day strain as well!

At any rate, we know you’ll enjoy this new batch as its effects bring feelings of euphoria, steadiness, and relaxation much like a glass of fine wine. apple fritter strain sativa

We recommend using a high-quality vaporizer

for the ultimate healthy enjoyment of this premium flower! We grind ours using the world’s best grinders.

23.9%THC – 0.18%CBD

California Born, Raised, and Loved: 
Indoor Hydroponic Farm – Veganic Premium cultivation – Organically Grown – No Pesticides or Fungicides


Cannabissupply420 has caught another honor victor and this one is pretty much as remarkable as they get! Attempt this POWERFUL sativa predominant half and a half and it will take your breath away! The THC level is off the diagrams!

apple fritter strain price

Glazed donut buds are particularly purple commended with dim shades of olive green with fine orange hairs covered with tacky, smooth trichomes. apple fritter strain sativa

Patients have portrayed the high as a cerebral elation followed by weighty body sedation.

Glazed donuts have a particular sharp harsh apple taste that improves pleasantly while breathing out;

Definitely, an unquestionable requirement to save some space for Apple Fritters in your home and add some green to your eating routine. apple fritter strain sativa

 Because of the power at about 32% THC levels,

patients have utilized Apple Fritters to address diseases like persistent pressure, torment from sickness or injury, and gloom

Glazed donut

The beginning of this crossover strain of Cannabis can be followed back

to the wine-developing areas having a place with North California.

The seed bank liable for the production of the Apple Fritter is Lumpy’s Flowers,

who interbred Animal Cookies and Sour Apple to make this hugely intense strain.

The Apple Fritter may be perhaps the most powerful strains of cannabis that you can profit from on the lookout.

 In light of the depiction that Lumpy’s Flowers has delivered,

the Apple Fritter may principally be viewed as an Indica strain of pot. apple fritter strain sativa

Upon the utilization of this splendid strain of cannabis,

you may hope to encounter sensations of dauntlessness,

unwinding, and elation. You may likewise expect an apple flavor upon the utilization of the Apple Fritter,

 with signs of messy and colorful suggestions.

What are cannabis strains? They are either unadulterated or crossbreed assortments of the plant class cannabis, 

which incorporates the species C. sativa, C. indica, and C.

 ruderalis. To find out additional, look at MarijuanaDoctors.com’s index of pot strains. apple fritter strain sativa

About this Hybrid Strain

The vivid buds of the Apple Fritter weed strain are a variety of violets and profound greens,

with a thick sprinkle of trichomes that ease up its tones.

 You’ll make the most of its aroma since it doesn’t wander excessively far from its name. apple fritter strain sativa

Traces of apple lay covered underneath its sweet earthen fragrance alongside different notes of natural product.

Glazed donut hereditary qualities come from the intersection

Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, making it a mixture.

Glazed donut strain impacts have been depicted by shoppers as accelerating the head while hindering the body.

Some say it’s a great strain to help accomplish center while others say they appreciate it for its loosening up actual characteristics that may ease agony and pressure.

Glazed donut THC levels rest during the 20’s nevertheless it has extremely low CBD levels. apple fritter strain sativa

Glazed donut was named a Top 10 Hybrid Flower at the NorCal and SoCal High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup in 2017.


What strain is Apple Fritter?

Glazed donut is a cannabis strain that radiates a fragrance bearing undercurrents of apples, alongside sweet leafy foods.

It’s known among commentators to make a loosening up high for the body however an invigorating one for the brain.

Fritter’s meaning could be a little more obvious. apple fritter strain sativa

This strain gets its name from its ancestry – being a combination of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies – just as its unmistakable apple-like aroma and flavor.

Where does Apple Fritter come from?

This strain is a combination of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.

What does Apple Fritter smell like?

Earthen and fruity, similar to a fruit dessert.

What does Apple Fritter taste like?

Glazed donut has a taste similar to the name proposes – traces of apple lie just underneath its fruity, earthen hints.

What tones does Apple Fritter have?

The beautiful buds of the Apple Fritter weed strain are a variety of violets and profound greens, with a thick sprinkle of trichomes that ease up its tones. apple fritter strain sativa

What impacts does Apple Fritter have?

Glazed donut strain impacts have been portrayed by shoppers as accelerating the head while hindering the body. Some say it’s an excellent strain to help accomplish center while others say they appreciate it for its loosening up actual characteristics that may ease agony and pressure. apple fritter strain sativa

Is Apple Fritter an indica, sativa, or mixture?

Glazed donut is a half breed strain.No matter what season, Apple Fritter buds can help clients to remember the sweet custom-made and southern style pieces by a similar name. From its trichome-covered coating to its apple-like smell, the Apple Fritter strain is an intense and impactful treat. Its THC levels drift around the mid 20% imprint, albeit, a few blossoms can contain up to 30 percent THC. This isn’t your grandma’s glazed donut. apple fritter strain sativa


Despite its ubiquity among sweet tooth and cannabis fans, Apple Fritter’s birthplaces are unconfirmed. It’s the idea that the popular Apple Fritter cultivar was a cross between Sour Apple (Sour Diesel x Cinderella 99) and Animal Cookies (GSC x Fire OG) strains. Assuming this is the case, Apple Fritter holds its parent strain’s fruity, natural, and fiery fragrance. Planned cultivators will not effectively discover the Apple Fritter seeds or clones. apple fritter strain sativa


Glazed donut bloom buds look and smell sufficiently wonderful to eat. Its extraordinary sweet-smelling notes help clients to remember a flavorful and sweet heated great. A sharp and solid harsh apple taste is the most instructing aroma. A few clients notice a tart and messy fragrance that adjusts the sweet and gnawing pungency of the harsh apple smell. Regardless of whether you’re disintegrating or smoking Apple Fritter, it’s a smell that can make watchful utilization troublesome. apple fritter strain sativa


Glazed donut’s bloom buds’ tones shift by cluster, yet for the most part, range between profound backwoods green and light purple-toned leaves. Its bloom buds are long, thick, stick molded, and thick. A scanty covering of corroded pistil hairs dabs the bud’s design. During top trichome levels, Apple Fritter’s resinous organs look like a cover of white to light-yellow icing. apple fritter strain sativa


Fledglings ought to devour extremely low dosages of Apple Fritter because of its moderately high THC fixation. Purchasers report feeling euphoric, innovative, centered, and social following burning-through a moderate portion of this strain. The impacts can increase and steadily incorporate into a feeling of sedation following a couple of hours. It’s the ideal strain for sitting idle and another loosening up exercise.

Glazed donut furnishes clients with strong impacts that can be overpowering in high portions, particularly for fledgling clients. Allow its hefty and cerebral impacts to quiet your hustling mind and tired muscles. This honor-winning strain is the ideal evening strain to appreciate after work or during an end-of-the-week escape. apple fritter strain sativa

apple fritter strain allbud

If you appreciate having sweets for breakfast, you likely love glazed donuts. If you need a seriously sweet, euphoric strain, you’ll love Apple Fritter weed. This secretive yet cherished strain gives a euphoric encounter that outcomes in serious inventiveness. Then again, the body buzz is profoundly unwinding, so a great many people end up dealing with things that should be possible from the couch. The Apple Fritter strain is the unfathomably amazing mix of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Knotty’s Flowers, the first raiser, has stayed quiet about most data firmly. They express that it’s an indica-predominant half and half, which bodes well thinking about its belongings and hereditary qualities. The THC level of this strain is the place where it sparkles – focuses normal 28% to 32%.apple fritter strain sativa

About Apple Fritter:




Unfriendly responses



Blooming time


Glazed donut weed is helpful remedially. The sheer force of the great is ideal for quieting issues that nothing else can contact. Uneasiness and misery respect the quick rapture, while constant torment vanishes. If it for the most part takes huge adds up to discover help, Apple Fritter might be the better choice. apple fritter strain sativa


The extreme THC content implies that Apple Fritter kicks in right away.

A few clients notice the high on their first breath out.

The beginning of the head high is an influx of happiness that can nearly feel overpowering.

The innovative considerations it causes will keep clients engaged for quite a long time,

 particularly if they have companions around to chat with.

Stresses are totally overwhelmed by this strain.

Next comes the body high, which kicks in not long after that. apple fritter strain sativa

It’s unwinding and profoundly mitigating, which makes it an extraordinary method to go through a languid evening.

The sheer power of the unwinding prompts some gentle sedation,

and a few clients find that they drop off to rest as the high breezes down.

Generally speaking, it’s a scrumptious encounter that permits clients to go through hours flying high and totally loose.

For a considerably more euphoric strain, there likewise’s Apple Fritter’s relative,

 the cherry squanders strain. It’s a mix of Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter that is known for its sweet flavor. apple fritter strain sativa


Glazed donut is a sweet, hearty strain that is firmly apple and natural product predominant. The Animal Cookies’ hereditary qualities loan a sweet, vanilla, and cake note too that makes this smell like a prepared treat.apple fritter strain sativa


The Apple Fritter strain flavor is quite possibly the most delectable available. It’s sweet, fruity, and tastes actually like prepared products. There’s simply a trace of cheddar, assisting with balancing the baked good into a heavenly cream cheddar glazed donut flavor. apple fritter strain sativa

Unfriendly responses

It can’t be focused on sufficient exactly how powerful Apple Fritter weed is. Similarly, as with some high-THC strains, a few clients report cottonmouth and dry eyes. Having water accessible will help keep those indications under control. apple fritter strain sativa

Water may not be sufficient, however. Indeed, even experienced clients may not expect the force Apple Fritter packs. Relaxing is fundamental with Apple Fritter weed something beyond about some other strain, and new clients ought to be careful. On the off chance that you try too hard, you could wind up with neurosis or nervousness. apple fritter strain sativa


Glazed donut is incredible, making it ideal for helpful use. The unimaginable intensity of this strain prompts happiness that a couple of different strains can coordinate. Regardless of whether clients face

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Apple Fritta ………..$250 Zip, Apple Fritta ………..$500 Qp, Apple Fritta …………$800 Hp, Apple Fritta …………$1500 Lb

5 reviews for Apple Fritter

  1. BudMasterK

    Great stuff

  2. Thunderhawk1921

    The aroma of this strain alone is good enough for me. Dangle it under my nose all day!

  3. Wizard

    The aroma and flavour are out of this world; I have had a few times over the years and, without a doubt, this is one of the best I have ever had. The scent, the peppery after-flavour, and the high that hits you like a dump truck of genuinely bubbly energy; all exactly what I was looking for and more. Definitely a re-order, and most definitely a worthy addition to the Collection.

  4. Tonysniper2

    Wow i love it, a really really amazing strong smell!!
    Taste Wonderful
    Perfect High.
    One of my favourite without dought!!!

  5. Deleon

    A little pricey for what I am used to BUT This stuff Smells, and tastes amazing, big buds and I would definitely order this again! Picked me up and made me want to go for a hike rather then sit on the couch!

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