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Black Cherry Gelato


Black Cherry Gelato



black cherry gelato backpackboyz black cherry gelato backpackboyz

black cherry gelato backpackboyz Black Cherry Gelato from

The Backpack Boyz and 5points LA through The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020.

No Testing data introduced on the pack. This was talented to me however

I have seen it on a couple of menus for $40-50 out the entryway.

A couple of individuals on my radar had complimented

Black Cherry Gelato so I was extra stirred up to see it was one of the sacks in my example pack.

The outside of these strongly thick nugs flips to

and fro between dim timberland greens and profound rich purples

with inconsistent firmly looped searing orange pistils and a close, in any event, covering of little sparkling riches.

The smell out of the pack is this smelly sweet natural product fragrance

that I get from a greater part of good gelato which I’ve come to call “

that unfamiliar organic product market smell” with traces of citrus and a wisp of cherry Slurpee. plushberry strain

When tearing open a bud a similar fragrance was as yet present yet stronger and had a minor new edge to it.

When separating it by hand my nose was smacked with a lemon cream from the start that augmented out to a more broad cream and organic product aroma however the lemon stayed solid and at any point present. 

 black cherry gelato mylar bags black cherry gelato backpackboyz

The dry draw from the j was sugar sweet and flower with little leafy food behind the scenes.

The breath in was smooth and from the joint

I got a quieted sweet grain yet on the bong it was an overall gritty vibe.

On the breath out from the j I got on a sweet flower taste with only

a tad of mint behind the scenes while the bong truly

had a weak yet astounding dark cherry Slurpee/carbonated water sensation to it.

Cross-checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial

I got on a sugar-sweet flower sensation with a

little mint in the back which was suggestive of the joint yet more grounded in taste.

The head change goes ahead quick, thwaps with power,

and will ground you on the off chance that you permit it.

At the point when I smoked my first J, I got around 3/4s through and had that “amazing,

I’m quite lit” feeling and left the remainder of it behind for some other time.

It hits you behind the eyes and squeezes your temple where the force of the lounge chair propels you.

It’ll sap you of inspiration and you will not mind since

you’re hummed in the manner where nothing matters aside from the present moment

and you’re feeling very acceptable about chilling right now.

I would say this one ought to be put aside

for a post-work smoke yet it serves well as awake

and prepares on the off chance that you have a solid mug of espresso to help you.

On the off chance that you have some careless physical work to trudge through,

you can smoke this, toss on some music, and before you know it

you’ll be done and you made some extraordinary memories doing it. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

All and all I truly preferred Black Cherry Gelato,

it has a solid dependable slap that may adhere you right to the love seat,

yet you’ll certainly appreciate each snapshot of it. Incredible work to the Backpack Boyz,

5 Points LA and every other person included!


After as of late examining the strain Italian Ice by The Backpack Boyz and 5 Points,

I was anxious to investigate different flavors by them. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

Cana Harbor as of late dropped some

Black Cherry Gelato by The Backpack Boyz and 5 Points, so I shot through and got a few.

I have been having acceptable encounters at Cana Harbor generally.

They have a generally excellent choice of top-rack cannabis and sensible costs with beneficial specials.

The Backpack Boyz and 5 Points have been overwhelming the scene for a long while with Mad Flavors.

A portion of the later flavors I have seen around incorporate Banana Pound Cake,

Blue Tommyz, Tommyz, Zparkiez, Horchata, and the Garrison Lane collab Pemmex.

Hereditary qualities

Dark Cherry Gelato is the cross of the strains Black Cherry Funk and Acai Berry Gelato 49.black cherry gelato backpackboyz

Dark Cherry Funk is the cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry with Black Cherry Soda.

While Acai Berry Gelato 49 is the cross of Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbert.

Presently, all that hereditary history sounds heavenly to me. Besides,

there are certainly a few strains there several years prior when there were more prevalent like Black Cherry Funk and Black Cherry Soda. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

 I as of late audited Sherbinskis’ Acai Berry Gelato 49 which I adored, black cherry gelato backpackboyz

I will interface the survey underneath. black cherry gelato backpackboyz


The leaves of Black Cherry Gelato colas are a blend of purple and green tones.


I thought that it was difficult to see the leaves under the layers of resinous trichome gems and little white hairs.

There was additionally a decent lot of orange hairs offsetting the purple and green tones. black cherry gelato backpackboyz


While diving into the aroma, I truly became mixed up in the nose of the blossoms. I tracked down that the smell has a forward sweet-tart cherry nose supplemented by sensitive gritty and natural notes.

The Inhale

Most importantly, I love the flavor profile of the breathe-in. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

It starts with a smooth sweet-tart dark cherry flavor profile not long after followed

by botanical gritty notes hitting the rear of your throat.

I discovered the underlying taste to be fundamentally the same as gnawing into a dark cherry. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

The Exhale

Hence, one thing I generally search for in a first-rate strain is a smooth

smoking bloom that consumes perfect white debris. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

I discovered the perfection I look to be available in the Black Cherry Gelato Strain. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

That equivalent perfection I found in the breath

in proceeded through the breath out with the expansion of some lovely tropical, homegrown, and hearty notes.

The High

The high was an incredibly charming encounter for me.

I discovered it to be extremely unwinding while not very hefty, an exceptionally perfect high.

These are the sort of blossoms I can smoke the entire day. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

So I would say the glad inspiring high is ideal for a languid Saturday during a pandemic. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

So was it worth the cash and would I get it once more?

Indeed. I in a real sense can’t get enough of The Backpack Boyz and 5 Points Flowers.

They are reliably developing and curating the highest point of the first-rate clean green intriguing blossoms. black cherry gelato backpackboyz

Where would it be able to be found?

I got to dig from Cana Harbor for $60 an eighth anyway you can likewise buy them at Cookies

and Dr. Greenthumb areas.

THC: 23.59%

CBD: 0.05%

Dark Cherry Gelato Strain Review

dark cherry gelato by the knapsack boyz strain audit by bigwhiteashBCG

has exceptional buds from @backpackboyz420__41510 @5points.la

too an astounding nose and decent gassy and tart taste. b

sack advance is by and large present.

Continuously photogenic, this dark cherry gelato is additionally consistently fire.

Scents like straight-rank dark cherry sharpies. The taste is quite tart with appetizing gas notes.

10/10 strain as usual

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