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Gelato #41


Gelato #41

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Gelato #41


gelato 41 x decides

blue gelato 41 strain is a hybrid strain that is high in THC and offers a heavy,

relaxing body high without clouding the mind.

Gelato 41 is made by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. blue gelato 41 strain

This strain has buds that grow in an array of colors,

from light green to purple,

with trichomes that put out a sweet and earthy aroma alongside hints of lavender and pine.

New consumers should know that Gelato 41 is potent

and the high is best reserved for those looking for a new heavy hitter.

This strain comes from the Cookies Family in California. blue gelato 41 strain

blue gelato 41 strain


Name: Gelato 41 x Dosidos

Pool: Gelato 41 x Dosidos

Brand: Archive Seed Bank

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Accomplishment: ‘One For The Archives’


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as oddity trinket collectibles or potentially for bird feed use–Speakeasy Seedbank completely

consents to all enactment and by visiting our site you consent to do likewise

(Speakeasy Seedbank won’t be considered liable for your inability to do as such!). plushberry strain

Allude to the Disclaimer tab beneath for extra subtleties. Please gather dependably, friends.*blue gelato 41 strain

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Weed Strain: Gelato 41 x Do Si Do

Firstly, This strain has been a fan top pick for clinical patients here in Colorado.

Height Organic Medicine has developed this stunning item for individuals.

Gelato 41 x Do Si Dos was my favored medication for quite a while because of its normal pain-relieving properties.

This Super Indica Dominant Love Child has hereditary qualities that would make me a cheerful man. blue gelato 41 strain

From the first look, I realized that this was a treat’s hereditary qualities, super youngster.

Also, This strain was tried at 24.8% THC. Strong. No untruth,

I was super blurred after this audit. It appears to be that treat hereditary qualities truly put me down.

The flavor had weak pleasantness yet didn’t actually amaze me.

The blossom tasted natural, sweet, and hot, yet didn’t have as numerous vape hits as I anticipated.

The visual feel and the impacts unquestionably took the cake with this strain.

gelato 41 alien labs

Before I knew it, I was altogether heated. battled with completing this survey. blue gelato 41 strain too prepared for a great moment. 

like a huge load of blocks.

Although this strain didn’t have a lot of vape hits, it sure shook me.

Effectively the most noteworthy I’ve been in some time. blue gelato 41 strain

I would prescribe this strain to somebody attempting to reduce torment or stress.

Also, The treat hereditary qualities are among one of my top choices and everlastingly will hold a unique spot in my heart, or would it be advisable for me to say back? 

In any case, Altitude Organic Medicine utilizes a speck of dirt just develop technique. blue gelato 41 strain

They produce some delightful plants and I energetically suggest looking at their menu.

They convey a ton of treat assortment I’m speculating a direct result of the clinical impacts of the one explicit genealogy. 6.9/8 Highly Recommended.

Item depiction Crossover

Firstly, Gelato #41 x Do-Si-Dos is a decent mixture consolidating Gelato and Do-Si-Dos to give THC-hefty impacts while allowing patients the chance to stay practical. 

This strain contains a sharp mix of fruity lavender and hearty tones.

Each blossom has been develop

with well-water and managed by hand.

Blossom, Berry, Citrus, Dosidos.Gritty.Euphoric.Mixture.Loose.Drowsy

More about this strain: Dosidos

Also, Do-Si-Dos is a mixture of OG Kush Breath — an aggregate of Girl Scout Cookies

— and also Faceoff OG from Oregon’s Archive Seed Bank.

The seed bank is chipping away at an F2 line of Do-Si-Dos aggregates — Do-Si-Dos #9, #18, and #22;

just as the unreleased #4 and #13

Also — all of which allegedly develop tall and convey normally measured yields in a 70-day blossoming time.

The whole F2 line likewise shows androgynous inclinations acquired from the OGKB parent in roughly 5% of the populace, as indicated by the seed bank. blue gelato 41 strain

Of the three deliver aggregates,

#9 terms the most intense, blue gelato 41 strain thick, and resinous — creating hefty measures of dry filter – just as a solid, 

treats and-kush smell and flavor. blue gelato 41 strain

Then, #18 shows thick, noticeable sap organs and a solid OG Kush fragrance, while #22 is a purple, 

sweet-smelling, grape-enhanced aggregate suggested for making ice hash. blue gelato 41 strain


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Gelato 41 …………… Qp $500, Gelato 41 …………… hp $800, Gelato 41 ……………Lb $1500

1 review for Gelato #41

  1. Xxokelly

    Love love love it ! Gave me such an energy boost ! Put me in a great mood ! Very happy !

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