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Lemon Haze


Lemon Haze



super lemon haze strain

super lemon haze Leafly, As the name, expresses this strain has genuine lemony attributes.

The smell is lively, citrusy, and somewhat sweet. plushberry strain

 Concerning the taste, it’s beginning and end one would anticipate from the namesake;

tart and sweet like Lemonheads candy – not exactly as sharp as one would anticipate.

The impacts are exceptionally vigorous and energetic, may not be the best strain for those of us that are normally ended up close.

Depiction super lemon haze leafly

Purchase Super Lemon Haze Online. It’s a mix of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, and it has a sativa/indica proportion of 80:20.

That implies powerful, energetic, cerebral impacts: excitement, innovativeness, energy, rapture, and serious bliss.

These make for ideal instruments in treating discouragement, exhaustion, tension, sickness, and ongoing torment.

THC levels take off in this strain, within any event one example besting 25%,

and that puts Super Lemon Haze close to the highest point of the strength pyramid. super lemon haze Leafly

 In any case, it isn’t known for its CBD levels, which routinely test well beneath 1%. At the end of the day,

 this strain shouldn’t be utilized as the lone medication for conditions that react to CBD, for example, seizure problems.

 Super Lemon Haze has a tart, lively lemon flavor and fragrance, with sweet notes of treats.

Purchase Super Lemon Haze Online. super lemon haze Leafly

 The bud, which has a spotted green-and-earthy colored appearance, is covered with a thick layer of resinous trichomes. super lemon haze Leafly

Aroma: Lemon, citrus

Impacts: Happy, elevating, innovative, taking off, and vigorous

Genuine Terpene is an innovator in exactness plant terpene mixes utilizing unadulterated,

food-grade disconnected mixtures got from non-cannabis sources.  super lemon haze Leafly

Each profile is curated utilizing quality investigation to decidedly mirror their namesake plant.

 The accompanying data is planned to advise our crowd regarding the causes and social importance behind our herbal strain profile.

Super Lemon Haze is a double-cross High Times Cannabis Cup grant champ.

 Slipping from Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze comes from the cultivators at Green House Seeds.

Its striking smells and flavors praise its better than expected intensity, making it perhaps the most famous strains of the previous decade.

Today, Super Lemon Haze holds a spot directly close to the highest point of the best sativa inclining strains on the planet.

Emitting a sweet-smelling profile that is wealthy in fuel and the Earth, this is a strain that-

Simply joking, clearly, Super Lemon Haze’s sweet-smelling profile is packed with lemony, citrus notes. super lemon haze Leafly

 Super Lemon Haze offers buyers a fragrance that equals a walk around a citrus garden during the pinnacle of the period.

 Its tart notes should establish a practically prompt connection with the nose and wait noticeably all around for quite a while.

When lit, the strain keeps on satisfying its name with an invigorating flavor burst that equals a tart lemon treat.

It accompanies little amazement that this is a strain that a lot of clients consider is outstanding amongst other tasting strains around. super lemon haze Leafly

super lemon haze Leafly

Most of the terpene profile for Super Lemon Haze is made in close to approach parts.

Beta-caryophyllene makes up 36%, which can be found in the sweet trails of the bloom.

Then, terpinolene includes 31% of the strain’s profile. super lemon haze Leafly

Humulene balances the best three at 19% while seven others each make up 7% or less of the general terpene profile.

Acting like a sativa, Super Lemon Haze gives buyers cheerful energy all through the experience. super lemon haze Leafly

Clients have been known to appreciate the strain’s elevating impacts that can leave individuals taking off while humming with innovative energy. 

Furnishing purchasers with a smooth high, its belongings have been known to summon discussions and give individuals the energy they are searching for. 

Thusly, scores of Super Lemon Haze fans select it as an ideal strain to overcome the day. super lemon haze Leafly

Because of its tasty fragrances, great flavor, and inspiring impacts,

Super Lemon Haze has been viewed as a head strain for about 10 years now. super lemon haze Leafly

Coming from a rich ancestry and heavenly cultivators,

 it is nothing unexpected that this strain keeps on positioning high on records even as other fantastic alternatives have gone to the market. super lemon haze Leafly

 In case you’re searching for a strain that is wealthy in flavor or need to feel a surge of innovative energy for the duration of the day, profoundly think about Super Lemon Haze.

About Super Lemon Haze

Winning first prize for two successive years (2008 and 2009) in the High Times Cannabis Cup

 and bringing home first prize the next year at the IC420 Growers Cup,

 Super Lemon Haze is rapidly turning into a profoundly unmistakable strain. super lemon haze Leafly

In its actual structure, Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa prevailing crossbreed made by Arjan of Green House Seeds.

The reproducer started with a female from his scandalous Super Silver Haze hereditary qualities

 – which won three continuous Cannabis Cups in 1997, 1998, and 1999 –

and painstakingly reared this with a 3-route cross of Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights #5.super lemon haze Leafly

Arjan at that point reproduced that side-effect with the more well known Lemon Skunk

 – a strain that advanced from Las Vegas to Amsterdam via a raiser named The Lemon Man

 – to get the Super Lemon Haze you see today in dispensaries all through the West Coast. super lemon haze Leafly

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The hereditary qualities of Super Lemon Haze join sweet and tart, lemony tastes (halfway because of the terpene Limonene)

and smells that make for a smooth high that starts in the body yet rapidly streams to the psyche. super lemon haze Leafly

 The THC check of this strain can reach as high as 25%,

which can prompt neurosis and tension when burned-through in bigger amounts by beginner smokers. super lemon haze Leafly

Enthusiastic and social, this half breed can be an incredible daytime drug for disposing of exhaustion, tension, and stress.

The disposition raising properties of Super Lemon Haze may likewise help manage mindset issues, like persistent misery,

PTSD as well as uneasiness. This strain may help patients managing minor torments, queasiness, and hunger misfortune.

It might likewise help patients overcome ADD/ADHD and headaches. super lemon haze Leafly

Not the most ideal decision for a novice’s initial development,

Super Lemon Haze is a strain that doesn’t need a great deal of consideration, however, it might require support during blossoming.

That time of development can last somewhere in the range of 56 and 65 days, which prepares plants for reap in October or November outside.

Super Lemon Haze is appropriate for the Screen of Green procedure.

Inside producers may get as much as 600 grams for every square meter to come to gather,

outside this might be just about as much as 800 grams for each plant.

 Super Lemon Haze is impervious to the growth Botrytis, dim shape. super lemon haze Leafly


With its solid and sweet lemon characteristics in both the smell and taste,

 this strain absolutely satisfies its standing and name when all around developed.

 With the indica heredity present in the sativa-prevailing half breed,

it brings about a fairly quiet encounter for a cloudiness-based strain — somewhat adjusted among head and body impacts generally.

 The plant develops with short internodes and reacts well to garnish. super lemon haze Leafly

The standard shape for the undeveloped plant is a Christmas tree-style sativa, with strong buds that have a high calyx-to-leaf proportion.


Lemon Skunk (Green House utilized the first Vegas Lemon Skunk clone) x Super Silver Haze (Skunk #1 x Haze C)

x (Northern Lights #5 x Haze C)

The Lemon Man is the holder of the first Lemon Skunk mother,

 which has roots coming to maneuver almost 20 years into the Las Vegas-region developing local area. super lemon haze Leafly

Thought to be a unique Sacred Seeds Skunk #1 delivery with an extraordinary lemony fragrance and flavor,

the first Lemon Skunk advanced toward Amsterdam and under the control of Arjan, Green House Seeds’ main raiser.

He crossed it with a tremendous and profoundly Sativa-looking Super Silver Haze male, and as is commonly said, “the rest is history… “


Firmly citrusy (lemon strip, grapefruit), frequently smelling sweet

like Lemonheads candy — the Haze components come through as an extravagant and zesty connotation. super lemon haze Leafly


Or maybe lemony for certain extravagant components, practically indistinguishable from the smell when developed appropriately.


An inspirational, imaginative, state of mind hoisting experience, Super Lemon Haze additionally accompanies a variety of body impacts.

A humming, loosened-up body that feels proficient makes the raised state of mind particularly agreeable.

This is an extraordinary daytime outdoorsy strain, ideal for a mid-year day spent doing exercises or essentially getting a charge out of the day.  super lemon haze Leafly

The therapeutic characteristics include:

state of mind rise, against nervousness, body unwinding, visual consideration, inventiveness, and craving incitement.

Develop Medium

Functions admirably inside or out, and functions admirably in high-EC hydro or soil arrangements. The soil will in general bring out a greater amount of the lemon flavor and smell. Plants develop tall yet react well to garnish.

About this Hybrid Strain

The honor-winning crossover cannabis strain Super Lemon Haze gets its name from the lively citrus fragrance it oozes with skunky hints, alongside a taste that is suggestive of sweets.

 At the point when prepared forgather, its buds are light green and very fluffy with trichome precious stones and brilliant hairs. super lemon haze Leafly

Its folks are the crossbreeds Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It previously bloomed in Amsterdam. super lemon haze Leafly

Super Lemon’s THC content is strong, averaging at 16% and coming to as high as 25%.

Its high leaves the purchaser lively and uninhibitedly friendly,

 disposing of numerous types of uneasiness/stress just as expanding craving.

Notwithstanding this present strain’s capacity to expand energy and imaginative, cerebral action,

 a few analysts have cautioned that the initial 15-20 minutes after smoking this strain can be hazy before mental clearness sets in.

Others have noticed that this strain is a “one-hitter-weakling” since the strength of the strain is so solid.

Distrustfulness is a typical sick result in amateur buyers or those that devour a lot for their body type alongside red eyes and cottonmouth.

Lemon Haze won in front of the rest of the competition in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009 just as the second spot in 2010. Lastly,

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