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OG Kush


OG Kush

(7 customer reviews)


OG Kush


About OG Kush

Tahoe og kush strain review is an unbelievable strain with a name that has acknowledgment even outside of the cannabis world. Notwithstanding its distinction, however, its careful birthplaces stay a secret. In some cases that it’s a combination of staple Chemdawg and a solid Hindu Kush landrace.

It’s likewise conceivable that OG Kush arose out of undocumented pack seed as a particular aggregate of some other existing strain. Tahoe og kush strain review

The importance of its name is likewise questioned – the “OG” has been on the other hand said to mean: “unique hoodlum,”

 implying its status as an outdated structure block strain; “sea developed,” concerning its inception along the California coast;

 and even “OverGrown.com,” a now-old site that filled in as an asset for incalculable cannabis producers.

One thing that is not questionable is OG Kush’s strength – its THC creation has been reliably estimated at somewhere in the range of 20% and 25%.

OG Kush has medium to enormous piece-like buds that have a thick, indica-like construction.

The leaves are yellowish-green, albeit certain aggregates can show hints of purple;

 the last tone is the aftereffect of anthocyanin colors being actuated by chilly climate. plushberry strain

Lively orange pistils, intended to get dust from preparing male plants,

contrast these beautiful blossoms.Tahoe og kush strain review

og kush strain guide

The buds are canvassed in trichomes that loan them a gleaming white appearance and make them extremely tacky to the touch –

 when preparing buds for a joint or a line, clients might need to utilize a processor.

At the point when appropriately restored, the buds have a gritty, stale-smelling aroma that is emphasized by some citrusy splendor:

the general impression is of a hoppy specialty lager. Tahoe og kush strain review

Consuming or tearing open the buds offers all the more a pine-like scent.

 Smoke from OG Kush is regularly unforgiving and hack instigating; it might sting the sinuses and cause eyes to water.

The smoke tastes hashy and zesty like an exemplary indica on the breathe in and breathe out.

OG Kush’s sharp funk may wait for some time after a joint has been smothered –

those hoping to stay watchful about their smoking should take the appropriate precautions. Tahoe og kush strain review

Tahoe OG Kush is a sativa/indica assortment dependent on the OG Kush hereditary qualities from Northern California.

The strain has a ton of grants and wins.

The plant grows large buds and solid construction with thick stems.

The blooming time requires 60-65 days. The outcome is the large reap.

The strain has a high THC content and a strong indica impact.

 It helps people groups who have torment, hunger misfortune, sleep deprivation. Tahoe og kush strain review

 The smoke furnishes a hefty stone-body high with notes of rapture. The taste is natural and lemony.

Sexual orientation



60/40 Sativa/Indica

Hereditary qualities

SFV Ogk F3 male x Tahoe clone


300 g/m²


10 Weeks

Room Type


Room Type


Tahoe OG has the most amazing aspect of the two universes: great flavor and great impacts. Tahoe og kush strain review

Most clients who enjoy some Tahoe experience explosions of unwinding and innovativeness,

 additionally permitting mental lucidity and diminished feelings of anxiety. Regarding taste,

 it has to warm an invigorating citrus flavor, just as gritty and diesel notes on the breath out. Ideal for admirers of everything tart.





Normal USAGE

Constant PAIN

Core interest





Developing INFO










It’s not regularly to such an extent that we will impart to you a bud that flaunts some next-level therapeutic advantages,

while likewise offering an unbelievable flavor profile across the board breath.

 Today we are doing precisely that as we fill you in on outstanding amongst other exemplary OG strains available, Tahoe OG!

A mixture bud that flaunts a tasty flavor and an incredible high,

Tahoe OG is a California conceived blossom that had kept up its prominent status since the time the last part of the 80’s the point at which it previously arose.tahoe og kush strain review

 If you are on the chase for another bud to attempt,

Tahoe OG will without a doubt, not disillusion. How about we make a plunge profound to see all that this well-known bud has to bring to the table.

What Is Tahoe OG?

Made by Ganja Guru over in California, and not to be mistaken for Tahoe OG Kush, Tahoe OG is an aggregate of the first OG strain, and it brags an exhibit the regular OG attributes that have made this bud so acclaimed and very much cherished. Even though it is normally a 50/50 mixture, a few renditions of this bud can lean more towards an indica or sativa foundation, so this is something to remember when you’re on the chase.tahoe og kush strain review

Tahoe OG has made a genuine achievement of itself throughout the long term, having come to the third spot in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, and authorizing consistently for the strong therapeutic properties that have seen it gotten a patient most loved the world over.

One thing we should get out the route toward the start here is that Tahoe OG is one intense blossom, and for the individuals who are new to the cannabis scene, it might well demonstrate excessively. Flaunting a high THC level at around 22%, this bud has gained notoriety for its effective and pretty sharp impacts, so you’ve been cautioned!

With regards to the high of Tahoe OG, fanatics of the first OG stone will know precisely what’s in store here and will actually want to profit by that natural inspiring yet narcotic buzz they’ve come to know and cherish. For the individuals who are going to attempt Tahoe OG interestingly, we suggest a modest quantity; it is everything you will require, trust us!

Tahoe OG may not be the least demanding strain to discover, however it is definitely justified even despite the exertion for its strong and loosening up impacts that will see you dial down into a marvelous lay down with insignificant exertion.tahoe og kush strain review

Tahoe OG Flavor, Appearance, Aroma

Exemplary OG sweethearts will have a great deal to anticipate with regards to the flavor and smell of Tahoe OG. There is a lot of similitudes with regards to those citrus and piney fragrances that will give a warming and ameliorating feel for any prepared client.tahoe og kush strain review

Flaunting a lovely tall and slender design, Tahoe OG offers some interestingly massive calyxes, which are not difficult to spot because of their neon green tint and a liberal covering of trichomes. We love the appearance of this plant, and anybody developing this for themselves will revere the thick buds that are better than expec|ted in size and radiate a scrumptiously impactful smell.

Among the thin leaves and chilly trichomes, there ought to be a sprinkling of consumed orange pistils that carry a fly of shading to this usually lovely plain bud. Nonetheless, what it needs shading it more than compensates for in flavor and fragrance, which takes on an unpredictable scope of new citrus notes joined with earth and zest.tahoe og kush strain review

On Firstly assessment,

clients have valued the lemony smell that has an unpretentious note of pine under

 and a nearly fuel-like fragrance,

notwithstanding, when the buds are separated

 there is an unexpected trace of zest that makes for a superb blend.tahoe og kush strain review

 Upon first breathing in the flavors match the aroma,

offering a citrus taste with gritty notes, anyway on breathing out you ought to be left with a trailing sensation t

hat takes after compound and petroleum, so it is without a doubt a taste sensation for clients who like to wander away from excessively sweet buds.

Tahoe OG Grow Info

Tahoe OG is supposed to be quite precarious to develop, so the individuals who are new to the developing industry might need to avoid this bud until further notice. It very well may be delivered pretty effectively both inside just as out, and offers a moderate to high return when progressed nicely!


Even though Tahoe OG absolutely takes as much time as necessary to develop, with the normal blooming time being somewhere in the range of nine and ten weeks, it is unquestionably worth the stand by when you get a hit of that strong high!

For those of you who are after a watchful plant or are limited in regards to space, Tahoe OG may not be the one for you as it will in general become pretty tall and can take up a considerable amount of room with its genuinely wide width.tahoe og kush strain review

Tahoe OG Medicinal Benefits

Albeit this is a half and half bud, there is by all accounts a fairly overpowering indica vibe to the high, and this absolutely fits an evening or night bud. For those on the chase for the ideal rest strain, Tahoe OG could be the ideal competitor as it offers quiet actual unwinding and a sensation of mental clearness that goes far in banishing pressure and stresses.tahoe og kush strain review

Patients experiencing migraines, headaches, and ongoing torment have utilized Tahoe OG for its full body desensitizing high that can expel torment in minutes and leave you feeling too languid and chilled. Know that you do just need a minuscule to add-up to profit by the beneficial outcomes, excessively much could see the lounge chair lock setting in!

strawberry og kush strain

Numerous clients have credited Tahoe OG for giving a truly necessary increase in inspiration

 and inventiveness when taken in modest quantities,

thus it very well may be an incredible method to help you clear the psychological spider webs

 and tackle that plan for the day as long as it isn’t excessively physical!tahoe og kush strain review

For those battling with craving misfortune or a sleeping disorder,

Tahoe OG will sort you directly out as it has been known to make food cravings kick in practically no time,

and as the high can last as long as three hours, we would propose loading the cabinets ahead of time!

If we needed to sum up Tahoe OG impacts,

we would say this is a lovely strong bud,tahoe og kush strain review

 to such an extent that a normal sum would you be able to see you with a perpetual ridiculous smile and powerlessness to get up off the couch!

If you are on the chase for a bud that will kill torment and diminish stresses,

and even prompt a little inventiveness and an attack of chuckles, this is in reality one to attempt!

Tahoe OG Possible Side Effects

Maybe the main symptom of Tahoe OG is the love seat lock, which can be quite precarious to stay away from because of the impactful idea of this bloom. Clients who are after a long evening on the couch may fret this, however, those searching for the additional invigorating advantages of the bud will need to guarantee they just have an insignificant sum.

A few clients report slight dazedness, as a rule, ascribed to taking a lot of the bud, while more report dry eyes and mouth, which is extremely regular with most buds.tahoe og kush strain review

As a rule, however, Tahoe OG doe

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Additional information


Og kush …………….. Qp $500, Og kush …………….. hp $800, Og kush ……………..Lb $1500

7 reviews for OG Kush

  1. SatTech85 (verified owner)

    its the real deal. 5 star. could be trimmed a better tho

    Smell: 5/5
    Burn: 5/5
    Taste: 5/5
    High: 5/5
    Look 4/5

  2. MaximoLegrand (verified owner)

    taste good nice high

  3. Jbarthe27 (verified owner)

    Dank potent sticky bud
    Excellent quality beautifully trimmed
    Creeper effects , great high , sleep like a baby
    Would buy this strain any day of the week
    5/5 overall

  4. Iphoneboob (verified owner)

    I think this strain is great for the price!!
    A++++ great flavour decent high.

  5. Gozi54 (verified owner)

    Some nice medical benefits but feels more hybrid (needing a very strong Indica for my medical needs), high is nice, but not over-powering, medium for those with high tolerance, while others may find it strong….3.5/5! Will buy again, price is fair for quality. So far, I prefer Lindsay Tropicana over this strain!

  6. CodyRRR (verified owner)

    Tastes like death bubba!

  7. loganick (verified owner)

    Great bud loved the taste and the name!

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