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white zerbert strain


white zerbert strain


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Strain Information

Half and half-half Sativa/half Indica

THC: 14% – 19%

Zerbert is a marginally indica prevailing half breed strain (60% indica/40% sativa) made through the intersection of the heavenly Blue Sherbet X Zkittlez strains. In case you’re on the chase for an astonishing flavor and a full-bodied high, you’ve discovered it with Zerbert. This bud welcomes the delicious preferences, with prepared blueberry candy moving across your tongue with every toke. The smell is a lot of something very similar, although with traces of sharp citrus and new earth to it, as well. The Zerbert high isn’t just about as splendid as the flavor, with impacts that are more unwinding in nature, ideal for a sluggish night when you need to kick back and appreciate a few tunes or your #1 show on Netflix. The high beginnings with an unobtrusive form, gradually managing your brain with extensive elation, backing endlessly any negative or dashing contemplations and supplanting them with unfocused joy A light shivery body high comes straightaway, washing over your actual structure and leaving you loose with a sharp ache of craving hitting you rapidly. With these impacts and its respectably high 14-19% normal THC level, Zerbert is frequently picked to treat ongoing agony, sorrow, headaches or cerebral pains, irritation, and persistent pressure. This bud has grape-formed dull green nugs with dainty orange hairs, rich blue suggestions, and a covering of cold little white gem trichomes.

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